I can't help but notice that shortly after my Tolix (bleh) rant I lost one of my "followers" (what a weird thing to call you ... don't drink the Koolaid).

A Tolix owner, perhaps? I don't recant, but apologize if I offended; maybe I was too shrill. But someone had to say something. Don't despair -- I won't think less of you for owning Tolix-tsotchkes. I have too many embarrassing things of my own in the house to judge -- I hate the sin (Tolix), not the sinner (my Tolix-loving lost follower).


Jane said...

That is pretty funny. I happened to like your Tolix rant. I think any trend which spreads like a rash regardless of merit or a sense of place is a bad thing. They are just French metal cafe chairs after all.

When I lose a follower (and I can never work out who it is) I think the same thing - was it something I said? Then I think - oh well. Can't please everyone.

Daniel-Halifax said...

No need to apologize. If we didn't have your thoughts and opinions (which I wholeheartedly agree on) then we wouldn't have your blog.

As Mother would say, "You can't make everyone happy."

hand pecked debb said...

Um your taste is why I follow you blog. How else would readers know if you feel passionate about something if you never rant?

Anonymous said...

You lose some then you gain more. It goes back and forth don't take it personally.

-Zane of ontario honey

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