Chair From Maison Chareau/de Verre/Dalsace

Violence is not in my nature, but I might be tempted to kill someone for this:

Wait for it ...

These are such wonderful reinterpretations of petit-point chairs, and almost discrete when viewed from the side or back. Perfection. Mermaids, red doves and ravens fall down the back and arms, and there's a little CB in the lower right ... Christian Berard?

If I ever, say, become an evil hedge fund manager, I think I'll acquire them both or have an exact replica made of one, and put on casters, and sit stroking a cat with my back to the door, only to slower turn, and ... bam! Cat, mermaid, evil-hedge-fund-manager, red doves! It packs a certain visual punch, no? And so much better than the expected tufted-leather chesterfield.


Daniel-Halifax said...

(clutches bossom)


An Aesthete's Lament said...

Am pretty sure isn't BĂ©rard but am checking! Back soon.

Anonymous said...

The chair is unbelievable. In terms of beauty.

-Zane of ontario honey

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