I Can't Help Myself

... these cottage-shaped mailboxes are totally dumb and I want one or three. If I were a mailman I'd look forward to slipping envelopes through a dormer or under the eaves of a petite roof, and maybe even be more careful with mail intended for a tiny house:

Personally, I'd take the fripperies off the roof of this one ... if there's one thing I want from my house-shaped-mailboxes it's simplicity:

I found these here, and just so you know, "Since 1950 the company started by Lorenzo Consonni in his cellar managed to grow into one of the major metal artwork suppliers in Italy and retain the values Lorenzo believed in - highest quality and attention to detail. All the products in Lorenz FerArt range are hand finished."

I expect nothing less. This one's almost like a little gypsies carravan:

But my real favorite is this chalet, with a mailslot concealed under the awning:

What is wrong with me that I find these so beguiling?


Anonymous said...

To answer your final question: nothing. We looked forever for a good mailbox before we finally had my partners' Aunt in Lausanne look there for something. She sent us a very nice mailbox and matching newspaper "tube." The mailbox is sort of a combo of the chalet and gypsy caravans you posted, but unfortunately without the "manthropomorphic" details (the little doors, windows and trim) that make these so great. Maybe one day our (perfectly nice) mailbox will wear out.

Anonymous said...

I know you think they are dumb but I think they are cute. They are mailboxes that look like cottages. What's not to love about that?

-Zane of ontario honey

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