If I See Another Tolix Chair I'm Going to ...


Where did they come from, and why are they here? I mean, I know they're from France, by why are they in every freaking house these days? We've reached saturation point, and I've decided to declare a ban on the importation of any Tolix (blehh ... even the name makes me retch) products, starting this second.

Lunch yesterday was entirely ruined by the presence of these things. What a patently uncomfortable contraption to sit in on a dreary, cold, overcast day.

I considered including an image to illustrate, but thought better of sullying my page. People, can't you see how much of a tool you're going to look like in a year when the craze is over? Remember the foo dogs? The Jonathon Adler crisis of 2006?

The worst part is, they invade otherwise beautiful spaces, and are as damaging to a respectable home as flat screen televisions over fireplaces and termites. If we must be invaded by foreign chairs, can we at least have some diversity? Or by nature are foreign chairs evil? An image search of "foreign chair" yielded this treasure, which really looks so much better wrapped, don't you think?

I'd be perfectly happy if Hans Wegner chairs took over (as indeed they almost have in the past), anything but this. TOLIX.


Jacqui said...

THANK you. Lord!

Alexander said...

Good lord, did you have an unpleasant social call on a Tolix? *hands you an aspirin*

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