Lucky Kids

Sigh. It's so sad to know I will never have any of these, though I might strangle one of these children to get one:

Oh, I could never. But I might try to tempt one of the darlings away from said furniture with candy or elaborate toys. And what of these silly Parisians, with their smug sheep?

Too unfair! Here are the creators: Claude Lalanne and Francois Xavier. Observe, in their studio hard at work on a sheep:

But really, doesn't it just look like he's petting it?

I will say, as much as I love these pieces, a little bit goes a long way. More than a single piece in a room and it looks pretty laughable.

All images found and borrowed here.


Anonymous said...

I would like my life to resemble photograph number 3.

Anonymous said...

I always wanted a sweater made out of sheep fur.

-Zane of ontario honey

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