Not For Pleasure Alone

There's not much more enchanting than a miniature theater, complete with sets. The opening of one of my favorite films, Fanny and Alexander, wouldn't be the same without one. Note the motto of the Royal Theater in Copenhagen written on the proscenium: “Ej Blot Til Lyst,” which translates from Danish to Not for Pleasure Alone:

How beautiful is that? While finding that clip, I stumbled across these:

All images found here.

I think I need one. I'd be in good company; check out Margo's theater, at 3:39 in this clip:

Create your own:

Or buy an Edward Gorey version and have absurdist fun like these kids:

Though I'd cut the white border from around the figures. A bit distracting.


Daniel-Halifax said...

Margot is one of my favorite characters ever.

Nick Heywood said...

"It didn't seem worth it."

Nick said...

Question: Did Scalamandré resurrect the Gino's "Jumping Zebras" wallpaper thanks to this clip, or was it just a happy coincidence?

Nick Heywood said...

That I cannot tell you, though I would like to use it in my future-child's bedroom. I've visited it in Gino's and must say it holds up in person -- what do you think?

The popularity must have to do with the movie, right?

Nick said...

I'm ashamed to admit I've never been to Gino's but have seen the Zeebs in a child's bedroom (yellow col-uh-way) and two powder rooms (red and brown) and they're divine. Oh and in Kate Spade's dressing rooms! She, Jack and Wes can do no wrong in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I love the movie Fanny and Alexander. I like that we like similar movies.

-Zane of ontario honey

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