Having Done All Things, Stand Fast

About a month ago, Steven and I drove down to see his grandmother Joyce in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and partake of the village fair, called the Nutmeg Festival. This festival has been held at St. Stephen's every summer since 1906, and they are very proud of their White Elephant, and I must say I can see why. You should go. It would be silly to enumerate the things I picked up as they are so numerous, though I will mention the Collete Omnibus I picked up in the book room and lengthy rope of blond human hair accidentally brought home in an antique box. Yikes.

Later we headed to Joyce's place to rest after our conquest and talk of books. This is the writing corner of Joyce's well appointed library, with little apple orchard outside (one tree):

She lent me a well-loved and worn copy of Silas Marner, by George Eliot, who is one of Joyce's great heroes. I can see this, as they are both quite unconventional. Here is Joyce lighting the candles before the excellent dinner she served us:

Isn't the runner a lovely mossy green? She didn't have a runner per se to use, so she just laid out her favorite cashmere scarf, which I think looks quite lovely. Good job, Joyce. I applaud your unconventional and wholly satisfying table setting! Cashmere is a nice touch on the table.

I'll leave you with these sage words from a dedication plaque in St. Stephens (which I find much more useful than that stupid "Keep Calm, Carry On" poster that has weirdly gained prominence in the last few years):


Genius Waitress said...

I have to thank you for sharing my disdain of said stupid poster.

Daniel-Halifax said...

She sounds like an absolute gem! One of the ladies that really makes me look forward to my future.

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