I'm Back, With a Vengence! & Cobra Verde.

So, New Brunswick was just extraordinary. More on that to follow. But I found these pictures I saved ages ago from one of my favorite Werner Herzog movies, Cobra Verde, and their drama and my contrition over my silence seemed a perfect combination.

I've also been thinking about Cobra Verde because last time I watched it was in Colombia with my friend Greg, who happens to be in the USA but half the country away. Coincidentally, Villa de Leyva, a very beautiful but hot town very near where Greg lives, was the setting for one of the best scenes in the film, where Cobra Verde befriends a fearless dwarf. The town has an immense shadeless square, a torturous expanse of sun and sandstone. It's thought a romantic place, but we found it sort of horrid though beautiful. I guess I just don't like sun.

Speaking of romantic, I really think Herzog is a Romantic:

These remind me of nothing so much as a Delacroix, or a GĂ©ricault:

As scattered as I am, somehow everything tends to come together. Ferry crossings over the Bay of Fundy recall tossed ships, and the Romantics who love them.

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Anonymous said...

That guy's eye scare me.

-Zane of ontario honey

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