Are we still doing the short pants thing this Fall?

Oh, ok ... I'll do it, Junya, but only for you:

Why must you torture me with your tweeeeeeds ...

And don't even get me started on this Fair Isles toggle coat. It's like he's been READING MY MIND, or heart:

I love it all. Fall 2011, Junya Watanabe. Typically, I might like a piece or two from a runway look, but I'd wear all of these entire. I still lament a Watanabe era Comme des Garcons coat that I failed to pick up from a little shop in Perugia. Not in the Dries store, but right next door.


K:ra said...

When i saw this collection I immediately thought of you. Glad you saw it too.

Daniel-Halifax said...

My favorite of the season! obsessed! I wonder if some haversack designers crossed over? I think I'm going to make a pilgrimage to that store in Perugia, ever since you've told me I've had it in my brain.

mamacita said...

Oh, Nicky, I wish I could buy you that toggle coat. No one who wears it will deserve it more than you.

Nick Heywood said...

I know, amazing, right?

Kara, I genuinely miss you, though we only got to spend a bit of time together. Anyone who thinks of me when they see a Watanabe collection is too precious to lose touch with! We should catch up somehow.

Daniel, I agree. Through an insane coincidence, yesterday Steven found a remarkable Harris tweed cardigan with moss green woven sleeves and shawl collar. It looks like it jumped right out of this collection, no joke. $5!

And Mamacita, how sweet! Thanks! I agree.

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