Morandi I Ain't

I accumulate endlessly -- the only thing separating me from a hoarder is the cats that I don't have. Finds from last weekend's thrifting, that I will not be parting with:

From left to right: 7 bronze bowls, beautiful and heavy, that might be Indian. I've seen similar ones used in a religious context, and elsewhere in Asia as monk's begging bowls. Beautiful matte golden color. Ah, the mysterious East ... Art glass tumbler, mouth blown, with these remarkable stripes that travel from the pontil up the sides, with no break in the pattern. Remarkable. Reminds me of Venice. And lastly, a bit of RI studio pottery that is still in production -- I adore this little kiln, and will write about more later.

You see, the problem is that all of my house looks like this:

... not like this:

Ergo the etsy. I regret things lost sometimes, but if I didn't do it, we'd drown!


Anonymous said...

I bet you heart is full and warm and interesting too. Those beautiful minimalists they worry me.

Nick Heywood said...

That's an incredibly kind thing to say, and I thank you. Though I must say I have known some very sweet minimalists.

James said...

Hey- the collection is great, (esp. the emu lamp and lacquer box) butlet's please not ignore the pedestal upon which it is displayed! What do you know about that amazing mid-century cerused faux-bamboo dresser? (credenza?) I have the longer version in my dining room, although mine is clearly meant for a bedroom.

Nick Heywood said...

James, I know nothing about the dresser, sadly, but it is my favorite piece of furniture in the house. I bought it in Fall River, Mass, which had many factories producing top-notch furniture into the 1970s. Mine has a branded mark on the interior -- if you send me your email I'll forward a picture. I just love it -- and it's funny, because the period is usually not my cup of tea. I need to glue that missing piece back in place. Luckily I still have it. And the lamp is a hilarious Bitossi chicken or quail.

Bernadette Morrison said...

Yeah, that faux-bamboo dresser is really cool. My aunt has one similar to yours that she has had for years. You don't see too many around though.

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