Yep, She Killed It.

Georgia O'Keeffe by Cecil Beaton. And below, Night, in watercolor:

This Georgia O'Keeffe reverie stems from a casual conversation with a hairdresser a few weeks ago, during the first professional haircut I've gotten in 7 years. She told me about a trip to Taos, and the discovery of O'Keeffe's little known pottery, which was an artistic watershed moment for my barber.

Pottery? Georgia O'Keeffe? I thought I knew her work decently, but was unaware of this side of her artistry. I spent the rest of the haircut lost in dreams of pots in the purest style.

Her studio, below:

But the truth is that they might not exist, or at least no one talks about them online. Could she have dreamt them? I need to look into this more closely.

Info, dear reader?


AnitaNH said...

What a marvelous studio! Austere, full of light, and free from distractions.

Regarding the pottery, there seems to be nothing to see via Google, aside from her place setting in Judy Chicago's dinner party! I have the Abrams book "The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum" and in the Chronology for 1973 it says:

"Autumn: Meets Juan Hamilton, a young ceramic artist working at Ghost Ranch, who becomes her assistant and constant companion, and ultimately her representative; he assists in new work with clay, making hand-built pots." (pp.140-41)

Jeannette said...

You can find more info on this site about her pottery.
"O'Keeffe dabbled in pottery herself, and had a large kiln installed at the ranch for firing pots."

Nick Heywood said...

Thanks, guys! If I find any images, I'll post them.

oliveark said...

There's a tiny image here http://www.ellensplace.net/okeeffe5.html

Nick Heywood said...

Thanks! Move evocative than anything -- it just makes me want to see them more! Wonderful photo.

Anonymous said...

Check out the book by CS Merrill, Weekends with O'Keeffe. She was a part time companion and librarian to the artist. She discusses in this intimate look at O'Keeffe how Juan Hamilton influenced her in ceramics, especially after her eyesight began to fail her. It's a slow moving book, but an interesting look at the every day life of O'Keeffe.

Anonymous said...

Her CATALOGUE RAISONNE contains images of the pottery. I did a paper for an art history class on her pottery, which was a major challenge until I found this book and borrowed it through another universities library.

Anonymous said...

The wooden chairs in the last picture compliment the wooden floor.

-Zane of ontario honey

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