Blogger input, PLEASE!

I'm absolutely at my wits end -- and this little blog is not worth the stress if I can't work this kink out.

Out of nowhere, all of the sudden, blogger won't allow me to post date blog posts, or alter the post dates on previously saved drafts. It will only allow to publish at whatever date and time I began working on the post. It doesn't seem to record any posting information permanently, except the initial time that the post was started.

I've read the message boards and found them completely useless. I'm aware that if I want a post dated blogger post to run I need to "publish" the post -- as I have been doing for over a year.

I restart my Firefox once a day, and there is no improvement after restarting.

What is most FRUSTRATING about this is that I'm doing exactly what I've been doing the entire time I've had this blog, and it continues to FAIL. It has been dysfunctional for the last 2 weeks, and I'm about ready to throw my laptop out the window.

Help, please! What, my brilliant readers, is going on here?

A prize to the person who can solve this first.


mamacita said...

Wish I could help, but I've had the same problem. Originally Blogger wouldn't let you post-date, then it would (for the last couple of years) and now it won't again. Maybe if world-famous blogger Nick Olsen takes Blogger to task they will fix it. Nick Olsen is bigger than Oprah.

Andrew said...

Time to switch to WordPress?

Nick Heywood said...

Seriously Andrew, WTF? I think I may have to. This is just stupid.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I've never had this problem, strange. When you go to post a new posting - do you click on 'post options' just to the left underside of the text box? Then on the right hand side of the box that pops up below, you can't change the post date and time? If that doesn't work, it must be a problem with blogger. I know I'm late to this post and hopefully you have solved it!

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