Scottish Agate Brooches

Oh, how I love them! They remind me of those marvelous Renaissance specimen tables in pietra dura, with collections of rare agates and antique marbles from ruins. All of these are from one collection, and are for sale (I have no affiliation with the seller) -- I wish I could buy all of them, but for Pete's sake, what use are they to me? How lovely they are:

This one looks like marbles I played with as a child that originally belonged to my grandmother:

This one fascinates me -- the stone is called a moss agate, and the naturally occurring pattern resembles a bird in flight over a knarled tree:

And I love how the holes in the stone were patched with gold, adding to the composition:

But this is my favorite, with its subtle facets on the principle agate, beading on the setting and open backing:


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Anonymous said...

They are really amazing. I love how each one looks different. What is this stuff made out of anyways?

-Zane of ontario honey

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