What is Art?

Above, Liz Lemon takes on Little Edie Beale via Drew Barrymore:

And the musical:

It's incredible how much these ladies have inspired. More music (though with quite a bit of Thomas Mann added to the mix):

Though honestly, doesn't Tina Fey do it best?


RubyMel said...

I think the new heritage trend should be to bring back regional accents!

Daniel-Halifax said...

my role-model. they just dont get it when i do her impression over here.

Nick Heywood said...

RubyMel, I couldn't agree with you more. When I left Chicago I purposely lost whatever bit of the Midwest that might have clung to my speech, but these days I've been cultivating its return. And phrasings -- I'm all about the "geez louises" and "by the" used in place of "at the," and calling Tiffany "Tiffany's," as though visiting a friend. Everything takes on the possessive: Jewel's (local grocery store), Marshall Field's (now defunct and dearly missed Chicago department store; purchased by the reviled Macy's), JC Penny's.

Daniel, I'm certainly, utterly certain, that Italy has dozens of Little Edie Beales tucked away in crumbling palazzi across the country. Probably one in every town. It's your task to befriend and affect the habits of every last one, then bring your subtly refined peculiarities home from the continent. I believe in you!

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