Tableau Vivant

Alanna's Marat:

After this one:

I can't claim to have witnessed the performance, but I was around for the too-much-champagne, dancing, chair-carrying mess of a fun wedding that led to this late night tableau vivant.

Uh, happy Valentine's Day? No, this story doesn't relate at all, but maybe I thought of it because of the love-fueled gaiety of the wedding that day. Nice bit of post-rationalizing, that.


remote viewer said...

i'm amused! what a surprise, seeing that i check out your blog every few weeks. <3

Kyra said...

we covered the floor with rose petals- that was such a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a hot water bath to help reduce stress. Really helps me sleep too. Was the picture of the women in the bath and the painting being the same coincidence?

-Zane of ontario honey

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