Y Bwythyn Bach or Little House

In truth, for years I have dreamt of having a little house next to my normal sized house -- I've looked at impractically tiny houses with the thought that perhaps I could do away this a main house altogether, but when it comes down to it, I need my little house to be a retreat. Thus my recent focus on restoring our little outbuilding.

But where did I get this notion, of a little house? There are a few possibilities, a strong contender being Y Bwythyn Bach:

"In March 1932, on the occasion of Princess Elizabeth's sixth birthday, when the Duke and Duchess of York had started work on the grounds of Royal Lodge, a little straw-thatched cottage, 'Y Bwthyn Bach', (The Little House), was presented to Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret in the name of the people of Wales. The gift was received by The Duke and Duchess of York in a ceremony at Cardiff on behalf of the young princesses. It was subsequently re-erected in the gardens of Royal Lodge in April 1932 and was furnished both inside and out. It had its own front garden with scaled down hedges and flower borders. The cottage survives to this day much to the delight of royal children visiting Royal Lodge."


I recall hearing about it during a documentary on Queen Elizabeth when I was 6, and ever since I've been smitten.

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