Christmas at Pastiche

Things have gotten busy here at Nick Haus, leaving the blog to fend for itself; the holidays have made my day job and little store bustle as never before.  But I want to show you a fun recent project that I worked on with my neighbors, who happen to own a truly delicious bakery -- I helped Eileen & Brandt (the owners) to make Pastiche look like Christmas:

Several garlands, a dove milagro and a bushel of lacquered berries do the trick.  You can never have too much milk glass and sugared fruit:

But what they are truly known for is their astonishingly good desserts -- it's almost painful to watch:

If I don't send out another missive before, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

All beautiful photos taken by Steven, who is not feeling very appreciated tonight, though I assure you this is not the case.


Anonymous said...

The bird above the fireplace is really nice. I never thought a bird could look so good up above a fireplace.

-Zane of ontario honey

Anonymous said...

You and I have such similar taste! This Christmas, I wrapped all of the presents under my tree in solid white paper and then tied them with beautiful colored ribbon and the sugared fruits that you have above on the gifts. It was so elegant.
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mighty student said...

chocolates I love them but they look so good it is a waste to eat them

Sam Peri @ Paint Zoom Analysis said...

Hi Nick! You really have this wonderful taste in designs. I admire your creativity. BTW, how come you're not posting anymore? It seems that you're very busy. Anyway, keep on posting Nick! I will wait for your future articles.

Sadie said...

I'm on a remodel and design blog kick. I know this is dreadfully off-season, but that cake looks beyond wonderful. Spring doesn't offer nearly enough excuses to eat cake. Water Damage Restoration Murrieta CA

Renovation Melbourne said...

I love the chocolate. It is looking delicious. I will must try this on next Christmas. Thanks for sharing it here.

Kathrina Halle said...

That chocolate cake is really painful to look at! Argh!

lifesoundsreal said...

Veriy nice. I´d loved to live there (and eat all the cakes;). Kautionskredit

Arshi Farha said...

This one looks great, i'd love to finish all of it in a single go....Guest Post

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