I love winter --

-- but not the dismal slushy mess we've had most of the last week.  Why not have some lovely snow instead?  I really like that it's been colder today.  Send more of this, posthaste.

I was photographing a few vases in the Little House (which is not heated; it was lovely and frigid in a way that I perversely enjoy), and I needed some flowers to demonstrate scale and use.  These pathetic posies were the best thing my frozen garden could produce:

Blackened sticks, almost.  Reviled vinca, which I tried in vain to eradicate in the fall, looks better than anything else that I was willing to cut (the rhododendrons & mountain laurel look lovely, of course, and the rhododendrons are even starting to bud).  I really haven't yet reached the level of sophistication as a gardener where I can pontificate on how lovely my grounds are even when everything is dead or in dormancy, waxing poetic on husks and dessicated stems, Piet Oudolf style (which I love from afar).

I miss growing, thriving things with leaves and berries.  I don't miss flowers all that much, though I am looking forward to the fruit trees this year, which should give us a pretty good show for the first time this spring.

Still, I'll must admit that I lust for something more like these memories of Lake Como in late summer; taken at Villa Melzi and Villa Carlotta.  I love a good old fashioned specimen garden:

Did that silly Italian peasant majolica vase put me in this frame of mind?  I'm sure it's a little dismal on the lakes as well, but I doubt there's slush falling from the sky. Shall we go for a few weeks?


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Nick:
We have to say that we believe formal Italian gardens to be the best. Such good bones and always a concentration of green rather than the fleeting colours offered by flowers.

What marvellous images you show here of the Italian lakes. It is astoundingly beautiful and does afford a wonderful fantasy for the mind whilst cold and grey is all around.

We have found you quite by chance in the labyrinth that is the Blogosphere and we have so enjoyed our visit. We are now following to ensure that we do not miss out on future posts.

Anonymous said...

We get that slushy stuff in Canada too, but sometimes we get the fantastic crispy, deep snow you can play in. Please check out my video to see why I LOVE Winter!!! http://www.youtube.com/user/andrewqueenistootall

bidet toilet said...

amazing and enchanting garden view you got there! a home isn't complete without a a garden in my opinion. ceramics are perfect decors for that and also marbles. very relaxing view indeed!

Marble Kitchen Countertops said...

Nice view you Got here. I wish to have same when I get up from bed.

click said...

Oh my gosh! The view you have there is breathtaking!

Sam Peri @ Paint Zoom Analysis said...

Great photos you have there! I am planning to learn growing fruit trees this summer. Anyway, it looks like you really had a great time in Italy.

Bradshore said...

I love the view! It's so peaceful and I think this is the perfect place to unwind. I must say that the nature is indeed beautiful. There's no doubt in it, we should just take good care of it. By the way, love the photos!

Garret said...

Cool pics man! Maybe you should think of some winter perennials? There are tons of beautiful flowering plants that still grow in cold climate winters! Just a though friend, something to add to your local garden!

Louisa Kimberlin said...

Great photography!! I love gardening so much, it just feels so good whenever you see the flowers are starting to bloom. :)

中国论文网 said...

We have almost no snow. But we would very much like that in the winter snows. It's very fun to play in the snow, etc.

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