Honest Scrap Award: 10 Things I Like About Me

Thank God for Affirmative Action! The lovely blog Passage Paradis has kindly awarded me the coveted Honest Scrap Award, in a blog roll composed solely of guys. I'm in great company. Let's hear it for the boys! The idea is that I now reveal 10 things about myself.

Now, on to the solipsism:

1. I love the word scrap, and by extension the word scrappy, which best describes one of the great loves of my life, the late Matthias.

This incomparable beast was all of the best parts of my childhood put together. Matthias my love, if you're not in heaven when I get there, it's not worth the wait.

2. I don't like Venice (blasphemy!). Sure it's pretty, but so are parts of Trenton. I need more. However, I love being there for one reason: the Vaporetto.

I adore ferries of all sorts, and a city that requires them -- count me in. The further from Venice the city, the better! This was in the middle of nowhere, on the way to Burano:

3. I can cook:

I just don't, because darling Steven does it for me.

4. Speaking of, here's Steven. I adore him:

Without him I wouldn't file taxes, and probably would be living on the sidewalk in a Cornell box ... he gives me love and normalcy and emeralds.

5. Ah, Cornell boxes.

I'm terrible in museums. No pictures? Are you serious? Not bloody likely ... on the other hand, I will yell at people who use flash.

6. I was married once. It was a very, very short marriage. I'll tell you more about it sometime. We honeymooned here, in the Middle Atlas Mountains:

7. I'm full of wind. One rant after another ... commentary, criticism, commentary. This is why blogging is very good for me, because it allows me to keep it in check in real life. Like, lately picket fences have been driving me batty. I mean, if you must, why not at least spice it up?

Now you have no excuse. Picket-fence-builders -- take note.

8. I'm out of work! I'm one of those people you read about in the New York Times who got their masters in June '09. RISD, Interior Architecture. But I'm trying to look at it as semi-positive ... I've had a lot more time to develop design ideas that I didn't have time to explore before. I have a couple of ideas brewing, including a line of light fixtures, developed with a dear friend in LA. More about that in the future. I don't have the heart to add a lighthearted picture to this one.

9. My entire childhood I was certain that I would die before the age of 25. Absolutely positive. It just seemed inevitable ... I attribute this fixation to early overexposure to Victorian literature and growing up in a gay neighborhood during the tail end of the AIDS crisis.

This may be why I respond so strongly to images of death and dying, and immediately fell in love with this fetching consumptive in the Musée d'Orsay:

Possibly he is only napping, a pastime I greatly enjoy.

10A. If I could look at anything all day it would be this ... the sky framed in cypress:

In my old age, I would like to retire to a cypress grove, to chew grass and look to the heavens. Also, people will come visit me. I will have many blankets so you can lay comfortably on the grass next to me.

10B. I think I may have left part of my heart in this walled garden, but I called the next day and they hadn't found anything.

I guess I'll have to go back to Portugal and look myself.


Anonymous said...

you're adorable

Nick Heywood said...

Oh, why be anonymous, Anonymous?

Mlle Paradis said...


K:ra said...

i adore this post though it makes me miss you terribly!

Daniel-Halifax said...

this was one of the best one of these things i've seen yet!

hand.pecked said...

Man, I've had a crush on your blog since your dishes to Emerson. But this post surely makes me jealous of your magical life!

Mike said...

Finding your blog has been the highlight of my day. Have your work prospects improved? I hope so. I'm in the same bind here in Chicago (fortunately, I love this city).

Anonymous said...

Matthias was a beautiful dog.


Hello, Nick. I think you are a nice person and I would be your friend if I met you in real life. I hope you would think similarly if you met me. I like your dog, and I like this list, and as a 19-year-old at this moment I share number 9 on this list (I cannot imagine life after 20?! --- WHAT HAPPENS THEN?!) and I hope that 2012 will not be the end of the world because I would like to see more of it. I hope that you are having a nice life in your corner of the world. Actually, I do not like corners, I hope that your space in the world is round.

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