"Protect Me From What I Want"

RIP, Tobias Wong.

Somehow I completely missed this one. It really is profoundly sad -- my buddy Chau told me about it yesterday, and we agreed he was one of the most influential designers of our generation. His work was so clever and complex, while at the same time being deceptively simple to create. Whenever I would encounter something unattributed that was useful, pure in design and slickly produced (often as a ready-made), I would immediately wonder if it was Tobias Wong's work, and most often it was.

The craziest thing of all is that he likely hurt himself while sleepwalking, a condition he suffered throughout life; it is unknown how much of Wong's design work was composed while sleeping, as he often appeared to be in a wakeful state when he was not.

All I could think of was Michel Gondry's Science of Sleep:

It feels like the end of an era in a way, even if that era was only the life of a single person whose ideas were larger than life.

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