Wisdom Teeth Have Nothing to Do with Wisdom

... and a lot to do with pain. Adios, wisdom teeth, you Doubtful Guests!

Ripped 'em out today like the pages of a book.

Let's visit Edward Gorey's house, shall we?

I have to admit, as much as I love Edward Gorey's work this house museum looks like a lame duck. Sure, they have wonderful things related to the man, but god do they need a curator with a sense of arrangements and visuals -- further, where's the house in this house museum? I get no sense of this as a dwelling, just a lot of stuff hung in rooms, and not even in that charming 19th-century salon or kunst kamer museum way.

Arg, probably pain and painkillers talking, but they should hire me. New career ambition: Curator, or even just Exhibition Designer at Elephant House, Edward Gorey's former home. Yay! Ambitions solved.


Anonymous said...

Nick, come share your ambitions at the Edward Gorey House!

The YouTube you posted was from 2003. Since 2005 a new team has been involved, creating fun and informative exhibits, showing more of Edward's life, and increasing the number of visitors by a goodly amount.

Come to Yarmouth Port, take a tour with a docent, meet the team, and share your ideas!

All best,

The (new-ish) team at the Edward Gorey House July 2010

Nick Heywood said...

Wow, I would love to do that!

I'm really quite close, so it's not even that much of a stretch. Thanks for the invite!

Is there anyone in particular who I should get in touch with?

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